Hello Elsa, I purchased a hat from you last year. I must say it is one of the wisest purchases that I have made.
The durable and soft feel of the wool certainly makes this hat one of my favorite and most valued pieces of clothing.
- Regards, Gilbert Placide

hat came right on time, fits and feels perfect. thanks
- jim [Schultz]

In addition to ordering some of your amazing wool, I ordered two of the 2-layer jersey cuff caps.....
They are hands-down the best hats out there, and I've tried a lot of different ones.
- Susan Kirksey

Some years back I bought a 2-layer jersey cuff cap for my husband and it has turned out to be his favorite cold-weather hat;
he wears it nearly every day during the winter and it has held up well!
- Jessica [Chia]

I [wear] them at work every day, as a contractor in a dirty job .... they are the best
- jim [Schultz]

...... Your beanie cap is always on my head, ..... sometimes even slipped it on during warm weather, it just feels good, .... My favorite headpiece.
~ Brian [Ambrosich]

Over the course of 10 years, and on 7 continents, my Elsa Cormo wool hat has served me well.
It's warm, soft, attractive, beautifully knit, fits perfectly, and washes well.
What more could you want from a cold weather hat? I hope to wear it for another 10 years.
- Ann Duncan

Have enjoyed your products for a long time. On a recent fishing trip to Arkansas they were lifesavers.
Wore the beanie on not so cold days. But on the really cold ones, the heavier cap kept my head toasty.
- Buzz Marceaux

Would like another one of those lightweight hats you sent me last time, I have bought one heavy and then the other. it's a perfect lightweight watch cap ....
love your hats
- jim Schultz



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