Neck Warmers and Scarves

All of my neckwarmers & scarves are made from the fine and soft wool of purebred Cormo sheep.
The neckwarmer & scarf colors are the actual colors of the fleeces of the sheep (white, black, and gray), and blends of those colors.
White Cormo fleeces are a bright white, not a cream color.
Black and gray fleeces become brown-tipped after exposure to the sun; so the more dark wool in a blend, the more brown the color.
My light grays are warm grays; my medium grays are brownish grays; my dark grays are very brownish grays; my darkest shade is chocolate brown.

Woolen 2-layer neck warmer, 6-inch

Woolen 2-layer neck warmer, 8-inch

Woolen 2-layer jersey/garter neck warmer

Worsted single-layer neck warmer

Cable/Mesh Scarf