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All of my products are made from the wool of purebred Cormo sheep -- my own flock in Colorado and also a flock in Montana.
The Cormo is a breed of sheep developed in Australia from Corriedale rams and superfine Merino ewes.
Cormo wool is fine, longer-stapled than most fine wools, very elastic, and exceptionally soft.

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Our wool begins as fleeces protecting Cormo sheep from the elements, and ends up as clothing keeping people warm and dry.

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This transformation requires a number of processes.
First, the sheep are shorn, and their fleeces are thoroughly skirted (sorted, with only the best fibers retained).

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Next, the wool is washed in hot water and a mild detergent.
After that, some of the wool is sent to a woolen spinning mill, where it is carded and spun into a soft, lofty type of yarn;
the rest of the wool goes to a worsted spinning mill, and is carded, combed, and spun into a smoother and stronger kind of yarn.
The yarns are sent to several knitters, and made into clothing and other products.
During the processes of growing, washing, spinning, knitting, and re-washing, the wool is left as pure and natural as possible.

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From the management of the land and the livestock, through all the steps of harvesting the fiber and processing it into finished products,
to the marketing and selling of the products -- a number of people contribute hard work, expertise, and caring.
For all of these folks, I am very grateful.

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Elsawool would not be possible without customers.
The Elsawool customers are some of the best people in the world!
Doing business with these good people has been a pleasure for me (Elsa) and my helpers.
Many have faithfully supported Elsawool, and many have encouraged me with their kind words.
Customers: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Stephanie Hatfield with sweater she made from Elsawool yarns.